05.04.2012 - News.

Vortrag: Industrial Design Management. Introductory presentation on brand, branding and brand behaviour.

Hans Meier-Kortwig für die Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Wismar.

Three-days interdisciplinary education and labour training workshops within the EU cross-border project “DesignSHIP –Integration and Education of Students, Graduates and SME’s in terms of Industrial Design Management” in April, July and September 2012 Wismar, Gdynia and Malmö.

As the main objective of this project is to stimulate and anchor the notion of design in the South Baltic Region through interdisciplinary education and labour trainings, knowledge transfer and exchange of practices among students, graduates and young professionals from the fields of design, technology and business, the Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design along with its project partners from Poland, Sweden and Germany are organising 3 interactive and interdisciplinary education and training workshops that will take place in April, July and September 2012 in Wismar, Gdynia and Malmö respectively.